The OpenMediaKit is a video manager software suite for your hosted websites.

When you have videos you want to show on the Internet, you can either host them on YouTube, DailyMotion, or many other free video hosting services. But those services are not yours to start with: If it's free, it means you are the product being sold, through ads in your videos, tracking of your behavior etc.

As free software advocates, we felt that something was missing in this field. So we developped a list of softwares to allow anybody to host themselves their videos online.

As of today, OpenMediaKit consist of the following software and services :

The OpenMediaKit Transcoding Service

This is a free software, called the OpenMediaKit-Server, which provides you with an API used for transcoding of any media.

The transcoding process consist of converting any kind of video to something that can be viewed by anybody on the Internet, particularly people with older browsers or slow Internet access (notably files having strange video or audio codecs).

This service is not bound to be used by humans, as any API, it's used by other softwares which don't have the capability to do this transcoding on their own. (either having not enough computing power or not able to install a transcoding software on a server).

The OpenMediaKit Client Library

This is a free software, called the OpenMediaKit-Client, which provides you with a PHP Library ready to use the API of the transcoding service. This code library have almost zero dependencies, only PHP5.3 or earlier is required. As a result, it should work on almost any hosting provider.

The API Documentation

We also provide you with a complete documentation explaining how to use the OpenMediaKit-Server API in your own program, for example if you are not using PHP in your hosted project, but Python, Ruby or Java, you can use that documentation to build your own client for this transcoding API

The Public Transcoding Service

Finally, we setup a server with a nice quad core xeon processor and installed a public OpenMediaKit-Server instance in it, so that anybody can use it for free. Also, anybody having some spare computing power and bandwidth can provide free transcoding service : public transcoders are available in a public page, and anybody can use the API on those servers to subscribe to their service and use their transcoding capabilities.